Now you only need one pipe elevator, these pipe pullers are designed to be used on all types of pipe.  When you have lifted the pipe as far as you can just allow the elevator to slide down and grab the next bite. The essentric design automatically tightens as you increase the load. The radius in the engagment area keeps the pipe from being crushed so you can even use this elevator on plastic pipe. If there was just one pipe elevator to keep on your service truck this would be the one. The most proven pipe elevator in the industry, used for over 65 years by farmers, ranchers, and well repairman. The single works best on steel drop pipe and the double can be used on all types of well drop pipe.

Item - PPS1-2

Size - 3/4" - 2" Pipe

Capacity - #1500

Weight - #8.5

List Price - $231.99

Item - PPD1-2

Size - 1/2" - 2" Pipe

Capacity - #3000

Weight - #15.5

List Price - $451.75

Our Standard Pipe Elevators are avalible 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2". This is a high quality pipe elevator that lifts on the coupler or bell end of the well drop pipe. Made out of hot rolled steel with large hook openings & smooth insertion slots for easy use. Quickly twist on to the drop pipe and lift, when the  lifting line is released the elevator will slide down so you can twist off and on to the next section without breaking the coupling. The reinforcement is on the back side of the elevator to allow ample room when you do need to get a pipe wrench on the coupling. Our standard elevators will hold up to the use and abuse on a daily basis.

Item - SPE1

Size - 1" Pipe

Capacity - #2000

Weight - #6.75

List Price - $164.75

Item - SPE1.25

Size - 1 1/4" Pipe

Capacity - #3000

Weight - #7.4

List Price - $175.00

Item - PPP1-2

Size -1" to 2" Pipe

Capacity - #6000

Weight - #14.75

List Price - $513.99

The Pro Pipe Puller is just that, for the pro's.  This is the highest quality  pipe elevator on the market. With a cast steel body and hot rolled dies you can expect this tool to last a lifetime. Now you can have one pulling device to fit 1" to 2" drop pipe just by changing the die. To use place the body around the pipe and insert the proper size die, twist the die counter clockwise until it stops and insert the locking pin. Pull the pipe to the desired point and secure. Lower the pipe puller, remove the locking pin and twist the die clockwise to remove and disengage fro the pipe. Repeat for the next section of pipe. Like our standard pipe elevator you can attach the puller at ground level and send it up to the coupling at the top to re-set the drop pipe.

All pipe lifting products are designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with OSHA & ASME  regulations.